Lovely girl heart ins rabbit ceramic mug

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Ceramic products cannot avoid some problems to some extent, but our store's service satisfies you. To better serve you and save your time, please contact the customer service representative at Mr. Xu 13413753002

2. In terms of logistics, buyers should find a reliable and convenient logistics company. If there is a designated logistics company, please indicate the pick-up address and phone number of the logistics company in Chaozhou when placing an order. If there is no designated logistics company, we will arrange logistics for you, but we cannot guarantee that the pick-up point is very close. Freight collect. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to provide door-to-door delivery services and collect shipping costs. If you need to switch to other logistics and place an order, please contact customer service in advance.

3. As for pre-sale and after-sale service, we will do everything well for our guests, and the attitude of pre-sale and after-sale service is the same.

4 order in advance contact customer service, payment after the general delivery of about 3 days.

Regarding product quality, ceramic products are all semi handmade or fully handmade, with certain process defects, inevitable small black spots, small bubbles, small bumps, small broken flowers, small pinholes, and cups produced in different batches may also have certain color differences, which is not a quality issue,

Please note that if you are extremely picky about small defects, please consider carefully

6. The price of our products is excluding tax points; There is another tax point for invoicing. Consult customer service for details


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